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Start with our 12-week programme

and stay fit longterm as a DressurFit®-Club member

Specific for Riders

Achieve a better posture and alignment in the saddle through functional training. All our workouts and exercises have been developed specifically for horse riders, so that positive results will be felt in the saddle within a short period of time.

Personalised training

Taking our fitness tests enables you to track your progress and allows us to customise your training plan and provide you with exercises specific to your needs. Our focus is entirely on you and your personal results and progress.

Mental strength

We want you to be successful and to stick with it. DressurFit® not only makes you fit for riding, but also strengthens you mentally. Our blog contains a wealth of practical exercises, motivational tips and videos that will help you focus and achieve your goals.

Your trainers

Marcel Andrä:

Your professional sports scientist and performance fitness coach. An avid sportsman himself with competitive experience, his work combines aspects of sports medicine, science and psychology. He is also a successfull book author. Marcel has supervised the Aubenhausen team for many years – helping to create and manage the athletic condition necessary to optimise the performance of the riders in the team.

Jessica & Benjamin:

The brother-sister winning partnership in dressage. Winners of the World-Cup in Aachen, as well as team Gold at the World Equestrian Games. Despite the success, the both of them are continously motivated to improve – to better their seat, to develop even finer aids – so as to support each of their horses in the best possible way. Their motto: “Be as fit, as you expect your horse to be.”

Track your training progress

Our DressurFit® fitness test series for the 12-week programme was developed specifically for horse riders by Marcel Andrä. The test allows you to identify your individual strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. As well as providing you with your personal training plan, you can also regulary check your training progress.

  • Personalised fitness profile
  • Effective training
  • Optimised results
DressurFit Training Plan

Of course, you only learn how to ride through riding itself, and your experience grows with the number of different horses you get to train. However, this type of fitness training really helps me sit more stable in the saddle, and allows me to work so much better with each of the different horses I ride.

Hannah Beaulieu, Team Aubenhausen

Sport and fitness have always been part of my life in one form or another. The DressurFit® workouts in particular, offer me the perfect  balance to my riding, and support me in my day to day work with horses. When I think of just the stretching and stability exercises alone, then I’m sure that most people can easily imagine the benefits that this sort of training brings to every rider.

Raphael Netz, Team Aubenhausen

I’ve been doing sports regularly for a long time now, and each day I try to find some time to carry out a bit of exercise. I particulary enjoy the DressurFit® workouts with Performance Coach Marcel Andrä, as I can really feel the direct benefits for my riding. It’s the best way to improve my fitness and my horses riding at the same time.

Julia Schatzmann, event rider

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