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DressurFit® Gift Voucher


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Send someone that perfect gift with our DressurFit® Gift Voucher. Those that receive the gift voucher will have access to our 12-week programme for a full 6 months.

The DressurFit® 12-week programme:

  • Workouts, Yoga and functional training
  • Fitness-Tests specifically designed for riders
  • personalised corrective exercises

DressurFit® Club-Membership

After the 6 months, members automatically get access to the exclusive DressurFit®-Club. Club-Members receive access to all training content as well as additional performance tests and new personal exercises for only 12€ per month. The Club-Membership can easily be cancelled online at any time.


Expected delivery time of approximately 10 – 14 days. Delivery is currently only possible within mainland Europe and Great Britain. We may be able to ship to other countries. Please send us an email and we will see what we can do! Alternatively, we can send the gift voucher membership code to you per email. Simply email us at to receive it within 48 hours.

Support for Equine Charities

In order to mitigate the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic, the German government has set a reduction in VAT to 16% taking effect from 01.07.2020. For the DressurFit® Gift Voucher this means a price difference of 5.40€. We think the idea of helping those who need help the most makes sense, so we decided not to change our prices, but to donate the difference to equine charities. In this way, we can all help together.

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